The Around the Bend 400!

One good thing about repeating a brevet you’re ridden in the past is that you’re given an opportunity to better your previous results. One downside is that you know the areas that combines high traffic and rude drivers….not be confused with high traffic and rude cyclists. This is a route that circles from Casa Grande […]

Gila River Valley 200k

A 200k brevet is an interesting event. You can ride them as a normal brevet at a typical brevet pace or you can push your limits and attempt a personal best time. For those not well-versed in the metric system, 200-km is 124 miles and the on-line map shows it as 126.2 miles.   Close […]

Brevet advice?

Someone asked me for brevet advise and while I am by no means an expert, I did think of a few nuggets of information to share. The original question and my response follows: “I know you completed a Super Rando Series and a 1200k last year – going from 0-1200 in a single year. So, […]

The beginning and the end…

I’m an complete failure when it comes to two things: 1.  Checking in with Sandy when I’m on a ride and 2.  Taking pictures during an event. My excuse?  It takes all of my energy to participate and complete an event.  I haven’t determined how to manage my time sufficiently to allow time for telephone […]