Finishing at Old Cahaba

Friday dawned early and as I packed, I had a couple of small concerns. One was snakes – we had spotted a rattlesnake near my kayak the night before. I was also concerned about getting out of the creek and back on the river – the water level was pretty low when I came in […]


The mention of Selma brings memories to everyone who was a child of the 60’s.  We all remember the events that occured there in 1965. The miles to be paddled were getting shorter – my longest days were behind me and I was in no particular hurry. The last few days were to be savored […]

Rando – humor and why I do it

As you may have heard, our Last Chance experience was tough. Very tough – especially for a first-timer like me! The first day was rainy and cold.  Someone mentioned windy but I didn’t notice that too much.  I was too cold to feel it. Upon the return, I was exchanging messages with two buddies on […]

Southern humor

Although I was born in FL, I was raised in Alabama. I left there in 1976 for the USAF, returned in 1980 for an engineering degree and left upon graduation in 1985 when my services weren’t needed in Birmingham.  I was optioned out to another location for work which turned out to be another adventure […]