Monday – “alone again, naturally”

Monday was a tough day for me and I don’t quite understand why I felt that way. Maybe it was the first day alone – maybe it was the heat. The waters were pretty much void of other boaters also.

I was on the water at 0640 for a relatively easy 15-mile paddle down to Prairie Creek Campground – another Corp of Eng. facility. I paddled easy and enjoyed the sites along the way and I especially enjoyed the early morning light:

Down the river a bit:

I arrived at Prairie Creek at 1100 and walked up from the docks in search of the office. It looked to be a mile or so down the road and I confirmed that with a guy in a van who then offered me a ride down so I could register.

Now, these campgrounds are managed by contract workers who are usually retired couples. The couple at PC were no different and it was lots of fun standing outside in 95F heat while he struggled with the computer system. I purchased a bag of ice for $1.50 and of course, he gave me the incorrect amount of change. I didn’t have a cooler but I decided the few hours I would be of cool drinks was well-worth the $1.50.

The driver of the van was kind enough to wait on me and gave me a lift back to my kayak. I pulled around to the point of the campground and was able to unload my stuff and get it moved up an 8′ bank.

As I finished hanging the hammock, the clouds started rolling in and the thunder cranked up. I decided to move the kayak up on the bank and turn it upside down to keep out the rain water.

Note to self – buy a cockpit cover.

The rain managed to miss us but it cooled things off a bit making the area more tolerable. My food stocks were pretty simple stuff – crackers, various kinds of noodles and a few dehydrated dinners for variety. I also carried a couple of oranges and even Tang for the water.

That evening, I found myself to be in a slightly foul mood – for no particular reason. Maybe I’m not cut out to travel alone even though I’ve done numerous trips by myself including a little bicycle ride from Glacier to Yellowstone in 1983.

Who knows – maybe the next “dam” day would be better.


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