Southern humor

Although I was born in FL, I was raised in Alabama. I left there in 1976 for the USAF, returned in 1980 for an engineering degree and left upon graduation in 1985 when my services weren’t needed in Birmingham.  I was optioned out to another location for work which turned out to be another adventure in my life.

I am very proud of my state for a variety of reasons and this trip only confirmed that the people here are warm, generous and deeply caring even for strangers in funny red kayaks.

Despite that, I fully acknowledge that AL still has its fair share of rednecks.

The following pictures, while taken from a distance should prove this.

Don’t have dock? Use an old pontoon boat:

How do you get down to the water? Use a ladder of course:

Need to move your grill to the campsite? No truck? Put a young-un in the trunk and he can hold it in place:

Again, I love the people in AL – I just found these to be amusing.


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