The beginning and the end…

I’m an complete failure when it comes to two things:

1.  Checking in with Sandy when I’m on a ride and

2.  Taking pictures during an event.

My excuse?  It takes all of my energy to participate and complete an event.  I haven’t determined how to manage my time sufficiently to allow time for telephone calls and pictures.

I’m also lazy.

Luckily, John Lee Ellis, the organizer extraordinaire  of the Last Chance, had his camera to document our wet start and warm finish.    Here’s a picture of JLE, a man, who in the world of brevets, needs no introduction:

You can see from John’s clothing that it was a cool night.  Cool, not cold.  As I noted, many riders didn’t account for cooler weather and that was the downfall of several.

Minutes before the start, there are more than a few nervous riders checking their watches…and the skies:

My guess is that this was taken seconds before the start.  I’m on the far left and my buddy David is on the recumbent next to me:

And… at the finish!

I rode in with Terry from Canada and Larry from Florida:

As you might imagine, I was happy to see the finish line!

I’m sure everyone else felt the same way.  I hadn’t worn any other shoes for 85 hours except for going barefoot in the hotels.  My feet were just as excited as the rest of me!

And, here’s the Bacchetta CA 2.  At this point, this bike is actually holding me up!


2 thoughts on “The beginning and the end…

  1. Alan, the Raleigh, NC RBA calls his wife at every control of every Permanent and every brevet pre-ride — the very first thing he does — even before getting his card signed or getting a receipt — it took his long-time friend and rando partner, MikeO, a year or more to get Alan to “call first” rather than “call last,” but call-first works pretty well.

    Due to the serious results of being hit by a car in 2002 (Alan spent 4 or 6 months in the hospital — I’m not sure which), and the (still) ongoing repercussions from same, Alan did about one 200 a year from 2003 thru mid-2009, then he was able to do more. … It took MikeO from late 2009 until late 2010 to get Alan to lear call-first.

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