By the Numbers – the final tally of the CO Last Chance!

For the 1200 portion of the event:

26 riders qualified and 25 started the event.

Of the 25 riders who started, 22 were male and 3 were females.  That is 88% male, 12% female.

Only 48% of the riders who started the 1200, finished (12/25) the 1200.  Of the 12 finishers, 9 were male (75%) and 3 were female (25%).

Of the finishers, the 9 males represents 41% of all the males who started.  All 3 females who started the 1200 event, completed it.  That’s 100%!

For the 1000 portion of the event:

4 riders qualified and started the event.  2 male riders and 2 female riders.  

Only one rider failed to finish the 1000 event, a female rider.

In total:

In total, 29 riders started both events and a total of 15 finished.  That’s 51.7%.

Of the finishers, 80% were male (12/15) and 20% were female (3/15).


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